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Advanced Powder Dynamics started out in 1996 as Pulse Combustion Systems. In 2023, we welcomed new owners and rebranded with the intention to establish ourselves as the premier choice in high-value, non-commodity spray drying contract manufacturing and powder product innovation.

With over 25 years of combined experience, we are able call on our vast experience spanning many industries and market segments to solve your most difficult problems.

We are the collaborative extension of our customers’ research, development, and manufacturing teams.

Independently performed customer service survey:

"I have conducted numerous surveys similar to this in my career, and the overwhelming positive response with your service is something I have never seen in my 35+ years of doing this. It was a genuine pleasure to hear all your customers, even those who do a very small amount of business with you, praise the efforts of the R&D and Production Team. It is truly a market differentiator, and one I would highly recommend exploiting in future sales literature and trade shows."
Kurt Schneider
President of Tech Bridge West, LLC during a 2021 third party customer survey.
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Meet Our Team

Our Team

Hendrik Grobler
Hendrik Grobler

Chief Operations Officer

ina grobler
Ina Grobler

Finance and Administration

tyler hill
Tyler Hill

Product Development Manager

Stephen Fletcher

Supply Chain & EHS Manager

james wood
James Wood

Production Manager

Why Us

You bring the challenge. We develop the solution.

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state of the art technology
State of the Art Technology

Access to the latest APD state of the art spray drying technologies. Continuously upgraded equipment to provide customers with innovative solutions for their specific products.

Precision Particle Engineering
Precision Particle Engineering

High precision control over powder property requirements with consistent results achieving product specifications.

Flexible MOQs

Flexible MOQ’s and short production lead times.

Customer First

A responsive team that prioritizes quick reaction time to your changing demands and requirements.


Advanced Spray Drying Technology

Our process takes you from product innovation, turning your liquid into a perfect powder, all the way through contract manufacturing.

Competitive Advantages of our proprietary technology:

Very short residence time = Less degradation
No mechanical shear
Excellent surface characteristics
Freeze dry quality from a spray dry process
Ability to handle higher solids in feed

P-5 Dryer

  • 5 pounds per hour evaporative capacity
  • Level 1 dryer for Product Innovation
  • Electric dynamic atomization
  • Realtime process control
  • 5 pounds per hour evaporative capacity
  • Establish objectives and powder dryability
  • Data-driven next step proposals
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P-50 Dryer

  • 50 pounds per hour evaporative capacity
  • Scale up – taking your formulations from the P-5 to the P-50.
  • Electric dynamic atomization
  • Realtime process control
  • Optimization trials
  • 50 pounds per hour evaporative capacity
  • Validation for scale-up to high volume production

P-500 Dryer

  • 500 pounds per hour evaporative capacity
  • Full-scale, high-volume production dryer
  • Gas dynamic atomization
  • Realtime process control
  • Scale-up demonstration from P-50 to P-500.
  • Dependable reproducibility, consistent quality
  • 500 pounds per hour evaporative capacity
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